4 West Broadway

Gardner, MA, 01440

S.K. Pierce Victorian

Est. 1915

Sylvester Pierce was a very wealthy businessman, making his fortunes in the furniture business. In 1875, Pierce build the SK Pierce mansion for his family, which was him, his wife, and his 3 children.  He built it as one of the biggest houses in the area as a symbol of his successful furniture factory. The house is a 7000 square foot mansion with 10 bedrooms.  It took about one and a half years to build.  Pierce’s first wife, Susan, died of a sudden bacterial illness.  He then married Ellen, and they had two more children.  In 1886, Pierce also died, followed many years later by Ellen. 

After their death, the children fought for control of the mansion.  Eventually, his son Edward took control of the mansion.  By then, the furniture business was doing poorly and the Pierce family fortunes were almost gone.  Edward had to turn the once great mansion into a boarding house. Stories have been told of the bad activities which happened in the mansion over those years. Tales have been told of a murdered woman in the red room, and a young boy who was found drowned in the basement.  In 1963 a boarder was found burned to death in a bedroom.

Over the years, guests and visitors have told stories of ghostly activity in the house.  They have seen and felt the presence of SK Pierce, Ellen, Edward, and ghosts of prior visitors and those who have died in the house. The TV show Ghost Hunters, have been to the house to investigate.  Many paranormal investigators have come over the years and confirmed the presence of spirits and ghosts.

In 2015, the house was purchased by a company named Dark Carnival.  This company is in the process of restoring the house and turning it into a ghost hunter’s destination.


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