69 Park Street

Gardner, MA, 01440

Greenwood Memorial Pool and Bath House

Est. 1915

In 1914, Levi Heywood Greenwood offered to build a pool and bathhouse as a gift for Gardner, given they would maintain the facilities. 10 days after Greenwood sent out his letter, the proposal was accepted at a town meeting. Construction began and the building was made in memory of Greenwood’s parents, Alvin and Ethel Greenwood. The property officially opened on July 6, 1915. 

Greenwood Memorial consisted of two pools and public accessible bath house. A small pond on the property was formed into an outdoor pool and the second was inside the building. This provided a place of recreation for thousands of people. It was the home of a couple of swim teams and offered a place for lessons and other activities. The facility also offered showers at a time where many citizens didn’t have access to suitable water in their homes.

The indoor pool and the Memorial building were unfortunately closed in 2012 due to structural issues, now it is in danger of being torn down. Despite this the outdoor pool is still in use. Updated in 1991, it is open during the summer and still provides a great swimming spot for people of all ages.

Research Contributed by Caleb Pera, Head of Eagle Project, Troop 6, Gardner